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 As excited as Jodi Nelson is about her next chapter in life, retiring from her position as a Consumer Loan Officer, comes as a tearful announcement. Jodi came to the credit union shortly after the new location was built at the 99 Caspain Avenue address in Volga and has worked side by side, Branch Manager, Gene Bjorklund here entire career.  “It’s hard to image not working with Gene after all these years. It is definitely one of the hardest parts about retiring,” stated Nelson.

Even though Jodi has been a loan officer from day one, she learned to be a jack-of-all trades in the Volga Office. Even as a senior staff member, she can still be seen behind the teller line helping out wherever she is needed. Over the past two decades, Jodi has assisted more people than she can count.  She is thankful for the relationships built and the friendships made with her members as she happily takes those memories with her. 

When asked about her retirement agenda, Jodi and her husband, Kurt, are already working on the ‘to do list’ of projects they have been putting off, as well as making plans to spend time with family, especially her grandchildren. Some southern travel during the colder months is also on the their list on the years to come. Jodi’s retirement celebration is open to the community and will be held in conjunction with Volga’s Member Fest on Thursday, June 22nd, 2023 from 5pm to 7pm.