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Always carry two forms of payment. While traveling you will find businesses of all types limiting or restricting their payment options. Some accept checks and cash only to avoid the fees associated with electronic payments, like debit and credit cards. Others prefer debit and credit card payments but impose a minimum charge. On occasion you may encounter a business whose electronic payment network is down and not able to process card payments. Of course, cash continues to be king when paying for goods and services but carrying large amounts of cash can be risky. With any number of unforeseen payment considerations, it is highly recommended you carry at least two forms of payment when traveling to avoid being caught empty handed.


Notify your financial institution before you travel. Whether your travel is for business, pleasure, a vacation or just a quick get-a-way, it is important to share your plans to ensure your card carriers (Debit/ATM/VISA) can be notified in advance. Card carriers’ security policies require they monitor card activity for your protection and to ensure your card has not been lost or stolen. These security alarms are triggered when your card is used in a location you do not frequent or for services which are out of character for your spending habits. Assuming your card has been compromised, the response to such alarms is to render your card unusable. This would be unwelcomed news while you are traveling away from home, so to ensure uninterrupted use of your cards contact your financial institution before you pack your suitcase.

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