As a homeowner, it can be daunting looking at interest rates and percentages that are consistently changing with the market and filled with terms that are unfamiliar or only understood on a surface level. You want to do the best for you and your family when it comes to financial decisions. A financial partner like Dakotaland can assist you fully, but a small amount of online research can help you ...

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When to Consider a Second Mortgage

So, you’ve finished your research on a second mortgage and learned how to qualify and apply. Now you may be wondering if you should go through with the process. Is it really the right loan option for you?

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Important Questions for the First Time Homebuyers

Are you ready to say “I do”? Mortgages are a long-term commitment and could involve an agreement up to 30 years in duration. They say it’s as close to ‘married’ as you can get to a house. Do you have a pre-approval from your financial institution? You wouldn’t buy a tank of gas without knowing how much cash you have. A pre-approval will let you to know your options and how much you can spend, so ...

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Dakotaland's Tom Myers SDHDA Mortgage Loan Officer of the Year

Dakotaland Federal Credit Union’s Tom Myers, was awarded the 2022 South Dakota Housing Area 7 Loan Officer of the Year award at the SDHDA Annual Housing Conference on Nov 7th in Pierre, SD. Brent Adney, Director of SD Housing presented the award to Tom which was initially created to recognize Loan Officers who are strong supporters of affordable housing in their communities. There are over 500 ...

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Homeownership: the Good, the Bad and the American Dream

Have you ever heard, “The dream of the older generation is to pay off a mortgage, but the dream of the younger generation is to get one”? How about “A man’s home is his castle”? Or “Home is where the mortgage is”? Or wait I mean, “Home is where the heart is”. It’s human nature to want a place to call our own; a place we arrange the way we want and do what we want when we’re there. A home is a ...

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6 Mistakes to Avoid After Mortgage Pre-Approval

APPLYING FOR NEW CREDIT Your credit score could change which may impact your interest rate. Additionally, new debt may lower the amount for which you qualify.

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The Cost of Selling Your Home

Thinking about selling your home? It’s pretty straight forward right? Pay some commission fees and pocket the rest? If it were really that simple, but it isn’t. The average cost to sell a house is typically up to 10% of the sale price. This means if you sell your house for $150,000, you can anticipate subtracting $15,000 from the profit of the sale. That’s a number you want to be prepared for, so ...

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Tips to Purchasing Home Insurance

Dakotaland Community Insurance has a wide selection of Insurance Companies available to help you find the best coverage for your home. We have agencies located in Huron, De Smet and Brookings. Please contact the agency nearest you for a free, no obligation quote today.

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