Redfield Member Fest Recap

The Dakotaland Redfield branch recently hosted their Member Fest family picnic on June 14th. We served roughly 100 local members and offered pork sandwiches, chips, cookies, and snow cones. We appreciate everyone who stopped by to spend their night with us, and thank you for the consistent support our members give to our local branches.

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Aberdeen Member Fest Recap

The Aberdeen branch recently hosted their Member Fest family picnic on June 16th at Wylie Park. We served roughly 135 members and offered pork sandwiches, chips, cookies and snow cones, as well as hosted a bouncy house and prize giveaways. We appreciate everyone who stopped by to spend their night with us, and the consistent support our members give to our local branches.

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De Smet Member Fest Recap

Dakotaland recently hosted our Member Fest family picnic in De Smet on June 9th. We served nearly 150 members, and the menu consisted of pork sandwiches, a bag of chips, mini cupcakes, and snow cones. We want to thank all members who joined us at Member Fest, we appreciate your support and membership at Dakotaland.

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Shred Week 2022 Recap

Dakotaland's 2022 Annual Shred Days on May 16th-20th collected over 5,000 lbs of shred from nine branch locations. The shredded documents are formed into bails and shipped out to pulp mills to be recycled into tissue paper and paper towels. According to the EPA, for every ton of paper recycled it can save the energy equivalent of 165 gallons of gasoline. As a financial institution, we enjoy offering this free, annual service to our members. We appreciate all members who continually participate in this event and contribute to its success!

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Top 5 Tips When Starting or Purchasing a Business

Getting the little things right makes a big difference when starting or purchasing a business. Making changes to your business later can be very expensive, time consuming, and inefficient. I recommend the following items when members visit with me about starting or purchasing a business: 

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College girl standing wearing backpack

College Bound - Your Checklist to Covering the Costs

1. Choose your school.
In most cases, when referring to school, it includes a two-year or four-year public or private college of university, technical school, vocational school, career school, or graduate school. Other than offering a quality education in your specific program, it is also important to know if your school offers financial aid assistance and participates in the federal student aid program

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Five Reasons Why Cars Make it to the Top of the Back to School List

    1. Reliability & Safety - Parents and students usually have very different options as to what type of car they should buy. In addition, agreeing on a budget for the purchase tends to be a challenge. The good news is everyone can agree a car that can be trusted to get from point A to point B as safely as possible is a must. This means it is mechanically sound and requires minimal maintenance. Cars with good tires and airbags tend to be a class favorite. Plus, front wheel drive or 4-wheel drive for inclement weather are high on the shopping list. Autos with features like these most likely top the roster. 
    2. Affordability - Cost is a major component of the back to school car shopping excursion. Typically, the larger the number of options and latest technology; the higher the asking price. Also, how long you intend to own the vehicle will greatly impact just how much you decide to invest in the purchase. Cars which fall into your budget, while giving you the value for the money, will quickly rise to the top. Those priced at a point which allows you to comfortably make the payment while attending classes also get an A+. 
    3. Fuel Economy - Depending upon the number of miles driven from home to school, the cost of poor gas mileage can add up in a big hurry. Theoretically, a car which gets 24 miles to the gallon versus one that gets 12 will cut your fuel bill in half. It makes perfect sense why cars with the best fuel economy make a viable candidate for your next back to school car. 
    4. Size & Space - The size of a vehicle is commonly overlooked as a back to school prerequisite. School parking lots are many times over populated or have assigned parking spots, which you pay a fee to use. In this case, a compact car wins the contest every time. In addition to size, we have the contradictory issue of space. As a student, passenger and cargo space may be a high priority, especially if you carpool or are involved in a school activity that requires the transport of equipment, such as sports or band. A more spacious vehicle or one with efficient use of space can easily become the hometown favorite. 
    5. Cost of Insurance - The same insurance coverage on two different types of vehicles can vary by hundreds of dollars. Cost of insurance can be affected by a number of variables such as the value of the car, the size of the engine, the safety rating on the vehicle, or who is designated as the primary driver. It is well worth the time to consult with your local insurance agent before writing the check. A lower cost of insurability can put a back to school car back on the honor roll. 

    To apply for an auto loan, view a first time auto buyer’s checklist, or calculate what you can afford, visit the Dakotaland FCU website to see what best fits your needs. 

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Patriotic family sitting in front of house and moving boxes

Homeownership: the Good, the Bad and the American Dream

Have you ever heard, “The dream of the older generation is to pay off a mortgage, but the dream of the younger generation is to get one”? How about “A man’s home is his castle”? Or “Home is where the mortgage is”? Or wait I mean, “Home is where the heart is”. It’s human nature to want a place to call our own; a place we arrange the way we want and do what we want when we’re there. A home is a place to hide our tears, make memories, and share happiness with those who mean the most to us. For many, their home is also their biggest asset and a source of pride. 

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